Lariat Rope Items 


All lariat rope items are made from used lariat ropes from cowboys and cowgirls in the midwest.  We buy these lariat ropes, wash them good and then make these items for your decor.  These items are not made for use with food, they are for decoration only.  We make our bowls and baskets with solid bottoms, each one at a time, by hand.  Each is slightly different from the last.  The coloration in the ropes varies from lariat rope to lariat rope, so no two items are exactly a like.  We use lariat ropes with the hondo on them to add to the look.

  Now available - Colored Lariat Rope Items!!!  All items available in these colors: Light green, Light Purple, light orange and natural!

Lariat Rope Bowls

These lariat rope bowls have a flat bottom and taper slightly up to the top of the rim.  These lariat bowls have a flat topped rim and the hondo.  The bottoms of the lariat bowls are solid. 

Lariat Rope Basket with twisted handle -

These lariat rope baskets are made from one rope, handle and all!  Made with Solid bottoms.  These are a nice addition to your western decor.  Add a few pinecones, an antler and a few other items and you are ready to go!  This is a unique item and design.

Lariat Rope Vase -

The Lariat Rope vases are made from one rope.  They do NOT have a bottom for easy cleaning and handling of water cups.  They are made to fit over the common plastic cups everyone gets at the convenience stores with their soda pop! A great way to use all those extra  cups! Cup and flower arrangement is not included

Lariat Rope Waste Basket - 

This is a lariat rope waste basket cover made from lariat ropes.  Add this to your office, bathroom, bedroom, trailer, anywhere you want to add that western look!  This cover fits over most plastic waste baskets bought at wal-mart or other type stores. Plastic basket not included.


Rope Lamps

Our lamp styles change with the lamp availability. These are two of our past lamps.  Email us for current lamp styles.  All lamps are made from the used working lariat ropes and new lamps.

Lamps come without lamp shades, we do offer shades for your convience. 


Lariat Rope Clock - Small

This is our lariat rope clock, small.  We have a larger size also available. This size is great for your tack room, trailer, office and many other rooms where a little more western decor is needed in a useful "timely" way!


Lariat Rope Clock - Medium 

These lariat rope clocks are a nice sized clock for that living room or anywhere you would like a little western accent and a clock that is larger. 

Lariat Rope Award These Rope Clocks can be engraved on the face for your award!

Additional charge for this customization
Photo Coming Soon

 Lariat Rope Clock - Large

These are the largest Clock we offer.


These lariat Rope Mirrors are a nice size for your bathroom, living room, any place you want that western look with a rope accent.  Each mirror is unique and made one at a time for a one of a kind look. These mirrors sell at some stores for almost twice this price.

All Rope items unless specified are for in home use and should not be 

left in heat or direct sun light.




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